No. You’ll need to complete the insurance proposal for brokerage firms as the insurer requires additional information. Your representative’s policy must be cancelled and replaced by a policy for a brokerage firm. The date will be the same to ensure coverage is ongoing.

Yes. You’ll have to pay an additional premium as of the date the change takes effect.

No. You’ll receive the most advantageous rebate. Moreover, this rebate will only apply at renewal. Rebates cannot be granted mid-term.

Yes. We’ll need to add the endorsement to cover fraud on your policy. There’s an additional premium for this endorsement.

No. He must have his own policy. Your policy covers representatives attached to your firm only as employees, provided they do not hold a mutual funds licence.

Yes. The offer we sent you is based on last year’s proposal. We need you to confirm in writing that the information is still the same. The proposal sets out the policy terms, and must therefore be completed every year.

No, that’s not necessary. If you still have the same account, we’ll use the information we have on file.

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